Michigan Psychodrama Center to Present Bibliodrama Workshop at 2019 ASGPP Conference

The Michigan Psychodrama Center’s Bibliodrama workshop, entitled Cosmic Forgiveness and Reconciliation, will be presented by Patrick T. Barone, JD, CP, PAT, and Elizabeth A. Corby, PhD., CP, PAT, at the 77th Annual ASGPP 2019 Conference: Discovering New Worlds: Transformational Advances in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.  The 2019 conference begins Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 9:00 AM and concludes Sunday, May 5, 2019, at 6:00 PM.  The conference will be held at the Manchester Downtown Hotel, located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Bibliodrama is a kind of participatory storytelling informed by psychodrama. As a group process, Bibliodrama offers participants the opportunity to co-create a surplus reality populated by Biblical archetypes, and to do so in a way the mirrors one’s own internal processes. This surplus reality is a reification of the white fire of Midrash. The master metaphor of this form of participatory storytelling begins with the group leader a story facilitator.  What happens in the Bibliodrama framework is the telling of a story together, as a group. The group begins their storytelling within a framework, which is the ancient scriptural text that’s been handed down. Because there is also a tremendous amount that has not been made explicit in these stories, the group will use the text only as a starting point and the facilitator will invite the group members to begin to think about and then to explore what’s between the lines of the text.  This “between space” is the white fire, and the exploration of this white fire is the essence of the process of co-creation, which in turn is the essence of this work.

This 3-hour Bibliodrama workshop will explore the question: how is it possible to forgive others even when others don’t deserve it? Using a story ripped from pages of Genesis, participants will step into the ancient world to co-create then personally experience cosmic forgiveness and reconciliation. Bibliodrama’s “Midrash” and “white and black fire” will be explored as participants learn Bibliodrama interventions including, voicing, concretization, and group characterization. Participants may leave the workshop feeling a new sense of connectedness with the ancient text, and perhaps even be ready to give or receive forgiveness in your own life.

This workshop has two objectives for participants; (1)recognize how exploring the universal truths contained in the Bible can serve as a compelling warm up to personal psychodramatic work, and (2) identify yourself as part of this biblical “world,” and feel yourself to be an element in its structure of universal history.

Registration is not yet open to the public.  Please check back for further details and for information about how to register for this event.