Michigan Psychodrama Center to Present at National ASGPP Conference

The founders of the Michigan Psychodrama Center are pleased to announce that they will be presenting a 90-minute workshop at the 75th Annual ASGPP 2017 Conference: “Navigating Waves of Change: Discovering and Celebrating Our Hidden Treasures.” The title of their 90-minute workshop is “Integrating Mind and Body with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodrama.” The 2017 Annual Conference will take place at the Clearwater Hilton, Clearwater Beach Florida, May 4-7, 2017.

Within the past two decades, cognitive behavioral therapy has become the preferred method of psychotherapy used to treat a wide variety of psychiatric disorders.  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) was established by Aaron T. Beck and is based on the cognitive behavioral model. This model focuses on a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and takes a special interest in how they connect. The basic premise of CBT is that what a person thinks affects how a person feels, and how a person feels affects their behaviors.

Psychodrama is a deep action method of group therapy developed by Jacob Levy Moreno (1889-1997).  Psychodrama continues to be refined, and its remarkable flexibility allows it to be used to explain, concretize and thereby enrich the various elements of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Combining the modalities of both has been shown to increase the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy.  Workshop participants will learn and be able to identify three major tenets of cognitive therapy and the cognitive model; and implement three techniques that integrate cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodramatic methods.

The workshop will be led by Dr. Elizabeth Corby, and assisted by Patrick T. Barone.  Those wishing to attend the conference should contact the ASGPP and register for the 2017 conference.