Michigan Psychodrama Center to Host Introduction to Psychodrama for Lawyers this Fall

The Michigan Psychodrama Center will be hosting a full-day “psychodrama for lawyers” workshop in Royal Oak on Saturday, October 22, 2016.  This introductory workshop is perfect for lawyers who want to learn how to begin using psychodrama in their law practices.

Lawyers will find that this dynamic and informative one-day workshop will help them become better storytellers and well as leaders in the courtroom.  The workshop will cover many of the action methods central to the psychodramatic process, including those that have been successfully used by lawyers for decades.  The workshop will introduce lawyers to the underlying principles of group formation, especially as applicable jury selection including voir dire, role-reversal and psychodramatic storytelling.

The workshop will be led by Dr. Elizabeth Corby, a 25-year clinical psychologist in private practice.  Dr. Corby was certified by the American Psychodrama Board of Examiners in 2015, but began working with lawyers in 2010. The group’s co-leader, Patrick Barone, a trial lawyer in private practice, is a 2017 candidate for Board Certification.  He is also a 2012 graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College.  Mr. Barone’s journey toward psychodrama certification and his use of psychodrama in his law practice was the subject of a September 2016 article in Super Lawyer’s magazine.

According to Mr. Barone, one of the most valuable tools of psychodrama is the manner in which it allows lawyers to better understand the group process, particularly as it applies to juries in the courtroom. Many of the nation’s top lawyers, including Gerry Spence, have used these tools to win seemingly impossible criminal cases as well as multi-million dollar civil verdicts.

“Lawyers who have never experienced these action methods will leave the workshop excited to put them into practice in their next trial.  They will also have a basic understanding that will allow them to do so” said Mr. Barone.

Lawyers interested in participating may register and pay on-line.  But space is limited and is strictly first come, first served.  Overall registration is limited to only 15 participants.