Michigan Psychodrama Center Announces their Winter 2018 Workshop Schedule

The Michigan Psychodrama Center is pleased to announce their 2018 winter workshop schedule. Kicking off the season is a one-day workshop presented on Saturday, January 6, 2018, and entitled The Inner Critic, The Ghost, and the Advocate – Challenging Painful Cognitive Distortions using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Action.  This workshop will demonstrate how psychodramatic interventions can be used to enhance Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  Similar to the 1/2 day workshop that will be presented by Dr. Corby and Mr. Barone at ASGPP in Dallas Texas in April 2018, this workshop addresses cutting-edge therapeutic techniques.

According to Treadwell, CBT was established by Aaron T. Beck (1967, 1979) and involves several techniques to challenge negative thought patterns and increase engagement in positive and success-based experiences. More specifically, CBT is a therapeutic approach that is based on the cognitive-behavioral model. This model focuses on a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and takes a special interest in how they connect. CBT operates on the idea that what a person thinks affects how a person feels, and how a person feels affects their behaviors. This is an ongoing cycle; oftentimes, the behaviors that a person chooses will reinforce his/her thoughts and feelings.

This January workshop will demonstrate a unique approach to both and is the brain-child of Dr. Elizabeth Corby, who in addition to being a psychodrama PAT is also certified in CBT through the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy.

Next up is another one-day workshop, presented Saturday, February 3, 2018, and entitled Bibliodrama as a Warm-up to Psychodrama: Seeing your Story in the Universal Story of Others.  This workshop will explore the white fire of the story of Cain and Abel, and will use this exploration as a way to “warm up” participants who will be inited to consider how this ancient story reflects issues present in their own lives.

Bibliodrama is unique but uses many of the interventions of psychodrama when exploring the gaps and ambiguities in the Biblical narrative.  Although unique and itself a separate category, Bibliodrama might be thought of as a blend between psychodrama and sociodrama. As participants explore a Biblical characters’ traumas and hardships as these exist within the narrative’s “white fire,” they are in essence, exploring Jungian archetypes.  It’s impossible to take on and expand the narrative without doing one’s own work.  Since participants are exploring archetypes they also exploring group issues.  Therefore, Bibliodrama is bridge or hybrid between psychodrama and sociodrama. This workshop is sure to be interesting and enlightening.

The final workshop in the winter schedule is a three-day intensive beginning March 2, 2018, and entitled Rescuing the Forgotten Self: Healing from the Death Trap of Co-dependency. This workshop is sure to sell out, so reserve early to save a spot.  In doing so, you can take advantage of the early registration discount!

If you’ve never attended an MPC workshop, now’s your chance, and be sure to take advantage of the “explorer” rate for a deep first-timer discount.

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Patrick T. Barone is a Michigan criminal defense trial lawyer and co-founder of the Michigan Psychodrama Center. He is a Board Certified Trainer, Educator and Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. He is also a Board Certified Psychodrama Trainer. Patrick has applied his psychodrama training in his criminal law practice and when teaching law and trial skills. He also has used sociodrama, an adjunct form of psychodrama in the business environment and Bibliodrama in the faith setting. He is the author of a chapter entitled Bringing Scripture to Life with Bibliodrama for Adam Blatner’s book entitled Action Explorations: Using Psychodramatic Methods in Non-Therapeutic Settings , (Paralax Productions, February 23, 2019). In his capacity as a business consultant, Mr. Barone has worked with business owners and executives in businesses of all sizes throughout Michigan. Additionally, Mr. Barone continues to practice law and is the founding partner and CEO at the Barone Defense Firm.