Don’t Miss MPC’s Hero’s Journey Workshop October 14, 2017!

Have you ever had to face chaos?  If you’ve been around more than a few years, then of course the answer is yes.  No matter how orderly and predicable our lives may have become, we know, deep inside, that there is no escaping chaos.  A devastating medical diagnosis, divorce, accidents, job loss, natural disaster.  One way or the other, there will be chaos in our future, and when it happens we have two choices, engage or retreat.  The only question is, which will you choose?

Chaos does not simply exist in our personal lives either, we face chaos at work, and all too often our job at work is to bring order out of chaos. It’s what doctors and lawyers do, and psychologists, and engineers.  Many of these jobs also require us to tell stories, and if we don’t tell stories for a living, we go home and tell stories to our loved ones about what happened on our way to work, at the office, or on the way home.  Stories are how we make sense of the world and our place in it.  Stories help to keep us safe, they help us ward off and deal with chaos.

The Michigan Psychodrama Center is excited to offer the one-day Hero’s Journey Intro to Storytelling workshop in Birmingham Michigan on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  This experiential workshop will use the mythical archetypes to explore both ancient as well as modern stories.  We will dissect the act of storytelling, and will offer participants a new way of thinking about and telling their own stories.

The 17 stages of universal mono-myth story structure, first identified by Joseph Campbell, will be discussed and explored in action using the “show me don’t tell me” methodology of psychodrama.  However, no psychodrama experience is necessary, and for those who are not familiar, psychodrama was developed by J. L. Moreno in the early 20th century.  The word “psycho” or “psyche” means of the mind or soul and drama of course means to act.  This makes psychodrama the perfect means to explore the mono myth.

Open to all, this workshop is particularly well suited for anyone who wants to learn more about storytelling, be it their own stories, or the stories of others.  Participants will learn the value of facing chaos, and the often-devastating consequences involved in failing to face it. Join us on October 14 for what is sure to be an inspiring and informative workshop!  Early registration ends next week, and attendance is limited, so don’t miss out, register today!