BIBLIOZOOM Faculty Offer Many Bibliodrama Training Opportunities

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to rethink and reconsider many aspects of our lives.  The ways we have done things in the past no longer work or are no longer workable. Social distancing, masks and stay at home orders have made psychodrama and Bibliodrama more challenging. These challenges have also brought innovation, and in our case, this innovation has taken the form of BIBLIOZOOM, a new Bibliodrama training group conceived by two of the best known practitioners of Bibliodrama, Dr. Peter Pitzele and his wife Susan Pitzele.

Peter and Susan have gathered a coalition of Bibliodrama practitioners who are offering a variety of training opportunities. These include an ongoing series of BIBLIOZOOM workshops offered with and through Dr. Daniela Simmons, the Director of Expressive Therapies Training Institute (ETTi), and the creator of TELE’DRAMA. The next BIBLIOZOOM workshop in this series will take place on September 3, 2020.

Additionally, the BIBLIOZOOM faculty are offering the following Bibliodrama workshop opportunities:

Conny Hubbard’s Bibliodrama Workshop Focuses on the Use of Bibliodrama in Education, Chaplaincy, and the Newly Developing Field of Biblio-Therapy:

Conny Hubbard been a student of the scriptures since 1983 and has taught scripture in many different settings. She learned about Bibliodrama in 2006 and has practiced it since then, by herself and with others. In this time, she has also become a community chaplain. From these years of experience, she has come to believe that biblical characters, objects, and even images can, through the use of sanctified imagination, open up two worlds simultaneously. One is the inner world of the biblical character, motivations, feelings, dilemmas, and spiritual states. The other are the echoes and reflections of those inner worlds in ourselves. In her workshop, participants will be lead through the exercise of diving deeper into the scriptures in a way that will help to bring up treasures of insight not gained anywhere else.

Conny’s course will focus on the following:

  1. the deep investigation of biblical role moments
  2. and on developing the role of the empathetic listener who helps guide these explorations
  3. In addition to the role-playing aspect Connie will also offer instruction and guidance as to how Bibliodrama can be used solo, when there is no group or facilitator available, which provides an amazing tool for your own spiritual development that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Connie’s course will meet for 6 weeks, on Tuesdays from 11 – 1 pm (on Zoom).

Dates: July 14 – August 18. The cost will be $ 180.00 for the entire course.

People interested in this course can contact Connie or make payment via PayPal at:

Jodi Greanead Offers a Scripture Windows Book Study:

Jodi is a therapist in Denton, TX who works in private practice and directs psychodrama at a residential treatment center.

Like Conny, Jodi Greanead has been working with Bibliodrama for many years. During this time, she has led and co-lead a variety of Bibliodrama workshops. Jodi also volunteers at the Dallas County Jail where she uses Bibliodrama in her work with incarcerated women.

This group will be a casual interaction with each other as we review the chapter of the week. As we learn together and discuss content from the book, we will also cover how to begin applying Bibliodrama techniques with groups and individuals.

Jodi’s book study will meet for eight Monday evenings on Zoom from August 10 through September 28, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm CST, as follows:

  • Week one: Preface and Chapter 1 – The Vocabulary of Bibliodrama
  • Week two: Chapter 2 – First Steps
  • Week three: Chapter 3 – Elements of a Scene
  • Week four: Chapters 4 and 5 – Text Selection and Text Preparation, and The Warm-Up
  • Week five: Chapter 6 – The Action Phase 1 – Ease of Access
  • Week six: Chapter 7 – The Action Phase 2 – Depth of Field
  • Week seven: Chapter 8 and 9 – The Sense of an Ending and Reviewing
  • Week eight: Chapter 10 – Curtain Call, Appendices, and Closure

Cost is $120 for the entire 8 weeks. Students will also need to purchase Scripture Windows: Toward a Practice of Bibliodrama, by Peter and Susan Pitzele.

Michigan Psychodrama Center Offers Bibliodrama Certification Course:

Students who complete the MPC Bibliodrama training series are eligible to receive a certificate of competency in Bibliodrama.

In this four-part workshop series, students will begin their certification journey by learning the history of Bibliodrama, including its connection to psychodrama. Next, students will learn the basic building blocks of Bibliodrama, including basic Bibliodrama concepts such as how to read scripture Bibliodramatically, how to select scripture and how to identify appropriate role moments for utilization individually or in groups.  The goal of this workshop series is to provide student competency in Bibliodrama.

Students are required to attend each three-hour segment. For those students seeking psychodrama certification, 12 “distance learning” training hours will be awarded toward certification by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.

Also, students who demonstrate this competency will be provided with a certificate of competency in Bibliodrama.  A full description of the workshop is available here.

To sign-up for the course, please visit: