Psychodrama Summer Intensive Near Nation’s Third Best Boating Lake Mullett Lake

The Michigan Psychodrama Center’s summer intensive is held annually in Cheboygan Michigan, which is minutes away from Mullet Lake. While not the most well-known lake in Michigan, Mullett Lake is locally known as one of the best all-around freshwater lakes because of all that it has to offer. But when it comes to boating, Mullett Lake really can’t be beat.  In fact, according to Boating US magazine, Mullett Lake is the third best boating lake in the entire Country!

The only two lakes in the entire United States that bested Mullett were Utah’s Lake Tahoe and New York’s Lake George.  So Mullett Lake is obviously in good company. Some of the many reasons Mullett Lake was selected include the size, which they peg pat 35,000 acres under water for both Burt and Mullett lakes. All together there are a total of 11 marinas, with 7 of them being full-service marinas. There are also 11 boat launches.

Also part of the reason for the top 3 listing is that Mullett lake is part of the famed Inland Waterway. Including Burt and Mullett lakes, the Inland Waterway consists of 40 miles of navigable water which crosses all the way from Crooked Lake (a few miles from Lake Michigan) to the west to the Straights of Mackinac and Lake Huron’s South Channel to the east. Interstate 75 cuts between Burt and Mullett which is connected by the Indian River.  The interstate passes over the river.

Mullett Lake is also a great fishing lake, and contains many tasty game fish such as lake, rainbow, brown and brook trout, northern Pike, and lots of walleye. Mullett is also noteworthy for is record lake sturgeon.

The mouth of the Cheboygan River is at Mullett Lake’s north end, and this highly navigable river leads out to the Straights, and from there, all five Great Lakes are assessable.

Mullett Lake is also plenty deep, reaching a maximum depth of approximately 135 feet. All things considered, the Inland Waterway is truly a boater’s paradise, and not to be missed by boating and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Join us for our Summer Intensive, and be sure to bring your swimsuit and your fishing gear!