How Psychodrama Can Help Beat Holiday Blues

Many of the challenges around the holidays involve family dynamics and unfinished childhood business. Interactions with parents and siblings can stir up long-buried feelings we thought we put behind us. One wrong word said can feel like we have taken a step back in time to when we were five years old.

With that in mind, the Michigan Psychodrama Center offers workshops and groups that are designed to address difficulties that spiral back to childhood family dynamics, and impact people in the here-and-now. Psychodrama and group therapy and workshops assist participants in addressing experiences that may have been traumatic, neglectful or even simply unfulfilling, This time of year, when people are societally expected to “spread the cheer” and feel happy, many people may be triggered of holidays of the past that were not so special. In addition, loneliness or life stress may impact people in the present day, leading people to feel depressed, anxious, isolated and guilt-ridden.

Psychodrama workshops assists people not only in addressing emotional and physical manifestations of trauma, depression, anxiety, loneliness and loss, but addressing these issues in a mind-body unity to work with all systems that are affecting people with these difficulties. People who experience “frozen” moments in their mind and bodies and a wish to run or self-medicate at this time of year are offered safe techniques for moving through fears safely and effectively. Groups offer the universality of shared experience through the thorough processing that the psychodramatic method offers, which reduces loneliness and isolation. Resilience is taught through role play of family dynamics more adaptively and by allowing members to expressed unfinished business from the past.

Working through past traumas in families is always useful, but never more important that during the holiday. The Michigan Psychodrama Center is here to support and affirm this important journey for all seekers of mental and physical balance and health.