I had the pleasure of attending the psychodrama workshop on 10-22-16 presented by Patrick and his wife Elizabeth. I was unsure what to expect. They demonstrated methods of role reversal techniques with us as participants and witnesses. Some of the techniques were so powerful that some of the attendees experienced physical emotion in role reversal scenarios in a story that was not theirs. They demonstrated basic techniques on how to use body language and other things draw a potential juror to feel and relate the story your client or witness tells. While many of us will never be able to sacrifice the time to attend similar workshops with Gerry Spence, we are fortunate to have the opportunity for this psychodrama training in our home State. – G.S.G.
Relief and rest through self-reflection are just only a few of the benefits I have experienced after several psychodrama sessions. Through a well educated, devoted, and experienced staff, I was placed in positions which helped me unblock past traumas and ill memories. From my personal experiences with counselors and comparing those times and hours with the psychodrama sessions, I would have to make the simple assertion that my mental health was more at ease then after multiple counseling sessions. If you are considering psychodrama sessions I would point you in the direction of Michigan Psychodrama Center.  – WH