2022 Summer Psychodrama Intensive

The Shadow Side: Freeing, Embracing and Integrating our Dark Side

The Michigan Psychodrama Center is pleased to announce the 2022 summer intensive where we will explore our shadow side. Based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, in this psychodrama workshop group members will be guided through various action exercises where we will delve into shadow work.

Like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung had a deep interest in the unconscious. This is where our shadow side resides. Shadow work, therefore, is the process of identifying our shadow side, then embracing, acknowledging, understanding, and incorporating the often-hidden aspect of self. Doing so helps us live a healthy balanced life because a failure to do so causes us to be “triggered” by things we don’t understand, often complicating and harming our relationships.

Methods utilized

Psychodrama will be the predominant method we will be utilizing in this workshop. As with all psychodrama work, we will be following the progression of warm up to action, action, and sharing. These are the three fundamental parts of every psychodrama.

During the initial phase, group members will be warming up to the space we will be working to themselves and to one another.  Once an appropriate level of safety and group cohesion has been accomplished, we will move into action.

Group members will have the opportunity to explore all the different roles of psychodrama including that of witness, auxiliary, double and protagonist. Depending on the group needs, advanced psychodrama students may also have the opportunity to direct.

More information about psychodrama is available elsewhere on this website, and this workshop is open to all, from beginners who have never experienced psychodrama to those trained and certified as practitioners of psychodrama or with advanced American Board of Psychodrama Examiner certifications, such as PAT and TEP.

Other scientifically supported neurobiological methods for healing will also be incorporated, thereby offering group members the opportunity to gain and strengthen a grounded and authentic attachment to themselves.

Where Will the Workshop Take Place?

The location will be determined but will take place in Cheboygan Michigan. We used this beautiful location in northern Michigan for the last two summer intensives, and it was terrific!

What Past Participants Have Said

Here is what one of our participants said about the 2021 intensive.  (More reviews are available on our Google Business webpage).

A truly transformative experience. I was able to get in touch with my deeper emotional self and release some major fear trauma. Psychodrama is an amazing form of psychotherapy, something you must experience to understand. I look forward to attending future intensives with Dr. Corby and Patrick Barone as they are incredible human beings emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

Google review

How to Sign up and Attend

You can visit our Eventbright page, or, to save the Eventbrite registration fees, contact us directly.