2019 Workshops Michigan Psychodrama Center

Living on Purpose – Finding Modern Meaning Experiencing Ancient Stories.

May 31, 2019 – June 2, 2019

As a participant in this three-day workshop you will actively and creatively experience participatory storytelling as you are guided through a variety of ancient Bible stories. No prior experience with Bibliodrama or prior exposure to the Bible is necessary.  All texts will be provided as we explore the stories together. The texts selected will illuminate dysfunctions and successes of family systems addressing themes such as betrayal, forgiveness and redemption. Using these texts, we will be uncovering and exploring the space between ancient and modern life thereby allowing you to more fully comprehend, connect to and embrace the universal human story contained in these ancient texts.In this Bibliodrama workshop we may be utilizing a variety of psychodrama interventions, such as the empty chair, role-reversal, and doubling, which is called “echoing” in Bibliodrama.  Also, the intrapsychic lives of the Bible characters might be explored, and various objects in the story, mentioned or not, can be personified. This combination of the modalities of psychodrama and Bibliodrama will add a further dimension to our work.During the group’s exploration of these stories and themes, you may begin to develop insight into your personal story. As a participant in this workshop you will have the opportunity to more deeply explore these themes in your own life, thereby bringing understanding, clarity and healing to yourself and your personal family systems. Those who are spiritual may develop a greater understanding and resonance to their faith and the Bible stories.
Student and First Timer Discounts Available.

17 Hours can be credited toward psychodrama certification by the American Board of Examiners in Sociometry, Group Psychodrama, and Psychotherapy.

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Acceptance and Letting Go

November 8 – November 10, 2019

Incomplete closures lead to failed new beginnings. In this weekend, you will explore that which is unfinished. Participants will address the natural but often difficult process of accepting that which is real and no longer. As a group member, you will have the opportunity to explore your challenges with acceptance, say goodbye and face your grief by harnessing strengths in a gentle, supportive environment.

Participants will utilize action methods to face obstacles and release that which has ended or needs to end. Some examples of impending or past losses participants often investigate may relate to a person, a group, a life stage, a dream, a role, an expectation, an identity, a country, culture or place, a habit, a substance, a lifestyle, or a physical or a psychological part of the self, among others. By moving into the place of grief and acceptance, you can begin to forgive, make amends if needed, experience closure and dream again.

This workshop will be highly experiential and may utilize many of the techniques of psychodrama: Role reversal, empty chair, doubling, role play, letter writing, journaling, mirroring and sharing. No prior experience with psychodrama is necessary.

Student and First Timer Discounts Available.

17 Hours can be credited toward psychodrama certification by the American Board of Examiners in Sociometry, Group Psychodrama, and Psychotherapy.

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Cosmic Forgiveness and Reconciliation
May 2nd – May 5, 2019

How is it possible to forgive others even when others don’t deserve it? Using a story ripped from pages of Genesis, you will step into the ancient world to co-create then personally experience cosmic forgiveness and reconciliation.  Bibliodrama’s “Midrash” and “white and black fire” will be explored as you learn Bibliodrama interventions including, voicing, concretization, and group characterization. You may leave the workshop feeling a new sense of connectedness with the ancient text, and perhaps even be ready to give or receive forgiveness in your own life.

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