Aaron Beck Endorses the Union of Psychodrama and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was created by Dr. Aaron Beck in the 1960s.  Since this time it has increasingly been recognized as an extraordinarily effective psychotherapeutic intervention.  Since its early development, scientists around the world have researched CBT to determine if it is effective in treating such disparate disorders as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, [...]


What is Sociometry?

J.L. Moreno was a psychiatrist born in 1889 in Romania.  He is credited with the development of group therapy, sociodrama and psychodrama.  One of his basic contributions is sociometry. Sociometry is the measurement of social choice, meaning the decisions, both conscious and unconscious, that are made regarding inter-personal affiliation. These measurement tools can be used [...]


What is the “White Fire” of Bibliodrama

Bibliodrama is a style and form of literary interpretation which can be explained more than one way.  As was previously explained, the bible can be thought of as containing two parts, the “black fire” and the “white fire.”  The black fire is comprised of the immutable and transcendent words on the page whereas the white [...]


Learning How to Master New Skills in Your Business or Profession

Erika Andersen, in her Harvard Business Review article entitled “Managing Yourself; Learning to Learn” indicates that when it comes to staying on top of business or professional competitors, “the ability to learn faster than your competition may be the only sustainable advantage.” One of the problems of course is that, “pushing yourself to acquire radically [...]

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How is Sociodrama Different from Psychodrama?

The easiest way to answer this question is to say that sociodrama addresses a group issue rather than a personal issue (as with psychodrama).  Again, looking at the words themselves, socio means “of or relating to society.”  For example; sociology, socioeconomic, etc., and drama means to act out, so a sociodrama is literally an acting [...]


What is Psychodrama?

One definition of psychodrama, which comes from Antonina Garcia and Dale Buchanan, is as follows: Psychodrama is a deep action method developed by Jacob Levy Moreno (1889 – 1974), in which people enact scenes from their lives, dreams or fantasies in “an effort to express unexpressed feelings, gain new insights and understandings, and practice new [...]


How to Use Feelings to Obtain Better Outcomes in Business Negotiations

In the December 2015 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Author Alison Wood Brooks writes about “Emotion and the Art of Negotiation.”  The Idea in brief is that in business, professional negotiators typically focus on “strategy, tactics, offers and counteroffers,” and don’t pay attention to how emotions, theirs and others, might increase or lessen the [...]


Using Psychodrama and Sociometry in the Courtroom

The following is an excerpt from Patrick Barone’s two-volume treatise Defending Drinking Drivers: As it relates to jury trial, the jurors are each going through their own sociometric cycle. Much of this is discussed in detail in Carl Bettinger’s Twelve Heroes, One Voice, which uses the hero’s journey rather than the harmonic- conflictual sociometric cycle [...]

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Upcoming Michigan Intro to Psychodrama Workshop!

The Michigan Psychodrama Center will be holding a one day “Intro to Psychodrama” workshop on Saturday March 5, 2016 in Royal Oak Michigan.  No experience is necessary, and both therapists and non-therapists are welcome to attend. For those who don’t know much about psychodrama, this is a great opportunity to learn the basic concepts as [...]

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How Psychodrama Can Help Beat Holiday Blues

Many of the challenges around the holidays involve family dynamics and unfinished childhood business. Interactions with parents and siblings can stir up long-buried feelings we thought we put behind us. One wrong word said can feel like we have taken a step back in time to when we were five years old. With that in [...]